Christmas Countdown!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Decor

Here is some of my Christmas decor at the Cozy Cottage. I have a sunroom on the front of my's actually my favorite room in the house. I put a small tabletop tree in the corner so all my neighbors can enjoy it also. This year I put a few of my small red and white quilts at the base of the tree.

My Bulls-Eye quilt always goes on the trundle bed. It's my all-time favorite quilt! I call it "Christmas in Kilarney."

An easy table runner is on the wicker coffee table.

My Jim Shore nativity set goes on my little white-painted bookcase. I still need to quilt the little log cabin table runner. Each little block finishes to about 3 inches.

This is my December project. It's called "La Fete De Noel" fabrics are by French General. It is made with a layer cake (10 inch squares) of fabric...absolutely no fabric waste in cutting. That's something I really like!

Just had to include a pix of my favorite Christmas mug....a little girl, saying her prayers before she climbs into her bed with a warm snuggly quilt on top.  

Lastly, my little feather tree door hanging...I just finished it today! It's a pattern by Lori Smith, from her pattern "Quilt Squares #10". It finishes about 12 inches square. Machine quilted, started Friday afternoon and finished on Saturday. If it's not an heirloom quilt, I machine quilt it and apply the binding completely by machine. I do like a nice bias strip binding!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Christmas Club for June

These are pictures from our June Christmas Club meeting. The photo below is an 8x8" pan that you could bring cookies or perhaps peppermint brownies to a friends Christmas get-together. You start with two 12" squares of fabric, sew them wrong sides together (with or without batting), and bind the edges. The corners are simply tied together with ribbon.   

This quick table runner is a quilt-as-you-go project.

A cute towel with a spiffy snowman on it!

This is the book--Tidings by Art to Heart--that has the casserole carrier and other fun projects in it. 

Are you starting your Christmas crafting?

Till next time, Mary in VA

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I missed May's Rudy Day (May 25) but I decided to post today and 
give you a rundown on activities for May. Perhaps you can find 
a few minutes here and there to be thinking about:

New themes for your decorating or Christmas party.

Peppermint is always a fun theme. 

Set your table with some dishware that carries 
out your peppermint theme.

Image result for peppermint candy

Here's a simple 15-minute project 
to get you started. 
Wouldn't your Christmas 
cookies or cupcakes look 
cute on this Peppermint Candy Tray?

Peppermint Candy Tray
About 60 starlight mints, any color
1 (10-inch) round cake pan
Nonstick pan liner (such as Reynolds), parchment paper or foil
Wire rack for cooling
  1. Heat oven to 350. Unwrap the mints and place in bowl.
  2. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the bottom of the cake pan onto the parchment or pan liner. Cut out liner and place firmly in bottom of pan.
  3. Place mints just inside the rim of the pan, continuing in circles. In the center, adjust mints to make certain all will fit.
  4. Place the pan in a 350 for eight minutes. Do not walk away. Check the pan frequently to make sure the candies do not over-melt.
  5. When done, remove from oven and let cool. After 10 minutes, remove from pan. The parchment or pan liner will peel off the tray. Keep the tray away from wet and heat.
peppermint bowls

You might even make little votive holder bowls to go along with it!
Go to the website for more information.

One of my favorite themes is gingerbread. How about we find a project that is do-able? Some libraries even give classes during November / December on how to make and assemble gingerbread houses. 


Gingerbread themed holiday ornaments 12625-FC

You can make or purchase gingerbread ornaments in all kinds of fun
Christmas designs, with or without names on them. I think this would be 
fun to add to your children's or grandchildren's ornament collection. 
When they grow up and start homes of their own, they'll have
 some ornaments for their tree!

You can purchase gingerbread stocking holders
to hold up their gingerbread stockings!

And don't forget to carry the theme to your table. How about making your meals festive during the Christmas week with a table set like this:

Image result for gingerbread christmas dishes

I bought some blue Christmas tree ornaments at the end of the season last year, thinking ahead to this Christmas. I want a small Christmas tree in my bedroom and would like to go with the "Blue Christmas" theme in that room. Blue is my favorite color, so why not use it during the holidays,too? 

Think more than just blue ornaments...a beautiful blue ribbon on a 
green Christmas wreath, blue linen napkins with white rick rack trim 
and your family monogram, blue packages with blue ombre 
ribbons. Silver and white complement the blue beautifully. Aren't 
the individual white angel food cakes adorable? 

My tree won't be this big, but isn't this beautiful with the different 
shades of blue ornaments? I love how the white deer complement 
the theme so well. Here they've silver and white to contrast, and 
punched the blue up to a gorgeous shade of teal.

I need to decide what kind of design I want for my tree skirt! This one 
is lovely, isn't it? I'd like to see blue balls and white balls and 
white icicles on the tree that goes with this skirt.

Have you thought of a new theme to use this year in 
your Christmas decorating?

Till next time, Keep the spirit of Christmas alive!
Mary in VA

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Early Christmas Sewing Projects

We have a new Christmas club that meets at our local quilt shop on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Oddly enough, that puts the meeting very close to Rudy Day (celebrated on the 25th day of every month)! We had several ideas for small make-ahead gifts. Among them are these cute fabric baskets. You can use them for candy dishes, in the craft room for small items (thread, buttons?), or in the kitchen (with tea bags?) etc. etc. I'm sure you can come up with some ideas, too.

The item on the left is a mug wrap. It wraps around a coffee mug, and gives you lots of little pockets to corral your small items: pens, pencils, small scissors, etc.
I think my mom needs one near her chair with her crossword puzzle pencils and tv remote.

Small potholders and mats for hot pans/casserole dishes are always nice. Choose fabrics in your friend's kitchen colors.

This simple table runner (below) only takes about 30 minutes to make.

The green tablerunner, below, is my version of the simple tablerunner. The 18 inch square pillow on the bed is one of my favorite projects. It says "Dear Santa....I can explain!" It just slips over the pillow that is on display 11 months out of the year.

I've been having a lot of fun making walker bags for my 96-year old mother, who lives in Florida. The first bag was made of bingo fabrics. I will have to dig up a photo of it to show you! Bag #2 has pink flamingos on it. I added the little cell phone pocket to the pattern. You can download the walker bag pattern from Craftsy from a vendor called "BucketsGoneWild." It was free!

Mom is a retired nurse, and I couldn't resist this fabric with Lorlei's nurses on it.

Remember decorating your bike with streamers for the 4th of July parade? They used to decorate mom's golf cart in red-white-blue!

I also found a free very simple pattern to make tissue holders to coordinate with her wardrobe of walker bags. I still have to make her Christmas bag!

Have fun making some home-crafted items for Christmas gifts this year.

Mary in VA