Christmas Countdown!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Early Christmas Sewing Projects

We have a new Christmas club that meets at our local quilt shop on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Oddly enough, that puts the meeting very close to Rudy Day (celebrated on the 25th day of every month)! We had several ideas for small make-ahead gifts. Among them are these cute fabric baskets. You can use them for candy dishes, in the craft room for small items (thread, buttons?), or in the kitchen (with tea bags?) etc. etc. I'm sure you can come up with some ideas, too.

The item on the left is a mug wrap. It wraps around a coffee mug, and gives you lots of little pockets to corral your small items: pens, pencils, small scissors, etc.
I think my mom needs one near her chair with her crossword puzzle pencils and tv remote.

Small potholders and mats for hot pans/casserole dishes are always nice. Choose fabrics in your friend's kitchen colors.

This simple table runner (below) only takes about 30 minutes to make.

The green tablerunner, below, is my version of the simple tablerunner. The 18 inch square pillow on the bed is one of my favorite projects. It says "Dear Santa....I can explain!" It just slips over the pillow that is on display 11 months out of the year.

I've been having a lot of fun making walker bags for my 96-year old mother, who lives in Florida. The first bag was made of bingo fabrics. I will have to dig up a photo of it to show you! Bag #2 has pink flamingos on it. I added the little cell phone pocket to the pattern. You can download the walker bag pattern from Craftsy from a vendor called "BucketsGoneWild." It was free!

Mom is a retired nurse, and I couldn't resist this fabric with Lorlei's nurses on it.

Remember decorating your bike with streamers for the 4th of July parade? They used to decorate mom's golf cart in red-white-blue!

I also found a free very simple pattern to make tissue holders to coordinate with her wardrobe of walker bags. I still have to make her Christmas bag!

Have fun making some home-crafted items for Christmas gifts this year.

Mary in VA


  1. Great ideas you have and I love that quilt behind your bed and the colors in the one on your bed. Very nice.

  2. Hi, Mary! I am Terri from Christmas Tree Lane. I am the admin of the Holly and Mistletoe Facebook page. I hope you join us. I can add you if I have your FB name. Thank yoU!

  3. Mary,
    Just wanted to stop in and say Hi!! I am now following your blog and added it to my blog roll on my Christmas blog. I am making supper now but will be back later to leave a longer comment!!


  4. Nice items. I sure wish there was a club like that around here.

  5. I have been thinking about Rudy Day and found your blog today. My co-authors and I have a Christmas blog at