Christmas Countdown!

Monday, June 25, 2012


As hubby likes to say, "we're havin' fun now!" I found this darling gingerbread Christmas table theme at (See her post for December 2009.) This woman seriously knows how to have a good time! This is how she sets the table for her grandchildren when they come for breakfast on Christmas morning.

The Gingerbread House was purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond.
The Gingerbread Chef is from Cracker Barrel.

The sideboard with some of the serving dishes.
The silver Hershey kiss is ready for dessert...chocolate fondue!

Another sideboard with the little tree decorated with ribbon candy and shiny red ornaments. Do not miss the little Gingerbread Train going 'round the tree!

This tray contains the "teapot" that is filled with hot chocolate for the children.
For the adults, how about adding some Peppermint Schnapps!

And of course, you must make some gingerbread cake (tastes great with cream cheese icing), or gingerbread cookies. Or brew yourself a cup of gingerbread tea. I can almost smell it now!

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Till next time, holiday blessings to you and yours,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Themes and Gingerbread

Happy June Rudolph Day to you all!

The Rudy Day theme for June is "Themes." I'm not exactly sure where other people are taking this idea, but when I think about Christmas themes, I think about the years I had an angel tree...a beautiful tall Christmas tree full of an assortment of angel ornaments. Then there was the year I focused on poinsettias...poinsettias in my fireplace garland, individual silk poinsettia blooms on the Christmas tree. One year we focused on husband is an organist and plays the electronic keyboard. We had musical notes and different instrument ornaments on the tree.

One of my favorite Christmas themes is "Gingerbread." I have loved gingerbread ever since I can remember. I used to love getting my December issue of Good Housekeeping, they would frequently have gorgeous Gingerbread Houses that were the recent contest winners. I loved the architecture created with candies and icing, the landscaping that resembled real trees, shrubs and flowers. How I wish I had the talent to create such masterpieces! 

If you would like to join the fun in adding some gingerbread to your Christmas decorating, you will find miniature gingerbread ornaments available for sale at numerous website stores, including

You’ll also find a history of gingerbread at this website which claims ginger has been used dating back to 2000 B.C. It’s a spice that originates in Malaysia, a peninsula of Thailand. There are certainly some cute pieces out there to add to your collection! has a kit that you can purchase with 6 cermaic ornaments that you paint however you would like. They have nativity sets too!

You can even use your gingerbread ornaments to decorate a wreath for the front door or over the fireplace. These particular ornaments are made of fabric. See the wonderful tutorial that Debbie Mumm has provided on her website:

You can carry the theme as far as you would like!  Audrey Pettit has a darling gingerbread boy tag you can make for your Christmas packages.

When you don’t have a “real” Christmas tree, how do you get the wonderful scents of Christmas? Barbara Crews (at suggests you make your own non-edible gingerbread ornaments using this recipe. The scent will last for 2 or 3 years.

Non-Edible Gingerbread Ornaments

¾ cup applesauce
1 cup cinammon
1 TB nutmeg
½ TB cloves
2 TB white household glue

1.      Stir all ingredients together in a glass or metal bowl until well mixed and smooth—several minutes.
2.      Take a portion of the dough and roll out between two pieces of waxed paper to the thickness of a cookie.
3.      Cut out dough with a gingerbread cookie cutter. Use a straw to make a hole for adding ribbon later.
4.      Let dry on the wax paper for a few hours until easy to handle, then transfer to a wire racks to dry at room temperature for a few days. I usually flip them over several times a day which will make them dry flatter.
5.      When ready to use, tie a ribbon through the hole and enjoy the wonderful smell—but make sure no one tries to eat them.
If you'd like to take your hand at making your own gingerbread house, check out the photos and tutorials at Bon Appetit.

Be sure and visit the forums at and join the fun on Rudy Day (the 25th of each month) or anytime you need a Christmas fix! And, another of my favorite blogs is Join us!

Till next time, holiday blessings to you and yours,