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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg Christmas

One of our favorite places to visit is Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. We love it so much, it was instrumental in our decision to leave St. Louis, Missouri and make Virginia our home. Of course, having our 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 2 grandchildren in Virginia might have had an even bigger role in our decision to move east!

One year all the kids went out of town for Christmas, so hubby and I went to Williamsburg to spend some time. Each year CW has a door wreath decorating contest. All the materials used in their outdoor decorations must be natural. We enjoyed snapping some photos, talking with some of the costumed interpreters and just looking at the gorgeous architecture. These are some of our favorite wreaths.

We could not resist getting a photo of the dog in the cart, with the dog pulling the cart! So cute!

This darling couple spent the day talking with visitors and sharing some local customs.

We enjoy seeing the animals out and about too!

This is my interpretration of a Colonial Williamsburg door wreath! I used all natural silk flowers (ha!) and a folk-art inspired Santa.

My china is called "Liberty Blue" and was introduced during the bicentennial (1976). Hubby and I have purchased it a piece at a time at antique stores during our vacation travels. The glassware is from Colonial Williamsburg, as are the berry napkin rings. 

My CW Byers Carolers collection. My favorites are the ladies in their toile dresses.

That's a CW paint color on the fireplace, and homemade stockings. The greenery has little lights and wooden berries that look like cranberries. Our cat would eat the real thing, so that's a no-no.

My little Santa collection makes me smile. Here they are in the dining room near the stairway with more stockings for Santa to fill!

I hope you've enjoyed a little peak into my world. And till next time, holiay blessings to you and yours!



  1. Hi Mary:

    Thanks for coming by Rudolph Ramblings. I added this blog to my Rudolph Day Blog Ring there. I used to have about 12 blogs but most have not posted in years so I'm down to just three or four. I'd like to get the Rudolph Blog ring up and active and maybe add more blogs to it. They can be Christmas blogs as long as they also "celebrate" Rudolph Day. I think ti would be fun to have blog parties etc within the Rudolph Blog Ring...what do you think??

  2. I meant to say I used to have 12 blogs in the Rudolph Day blog ring...they were not all mine...LOL.

  3. Mary, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog is new to me and I enjoyed reading it. I will add it to my blog list. I look forward to reading your posts. Happy 4th!

  4. Hello Mary,
    Thanks for stopping by Christmas at Oak Rise Cottage.
    I enjoyed reading your Williamsburg Christmas post. What fun to find another collector of the Bicentennial Staffordshire Liberty Blue dishes! I posted about my set on my regular blog:
    We also share collecting Santa figures, which you have so attractively displayed on your wood stand. I also have a collection of Byers Choice nativity and other carolers. I will post about them sometime on my Carola Nativity Gallery blog.

    All my best to you,

  5. Mary,
    I also have those same dishes!!! LOL!
    What do they say about great minds????
    I have mine displayed on my hutch in the Kitchen as part of my patriotic display. The post is on my side bar of my regular blog, Debbie-Dabble.
    We went to Williamsburg about 10 years ago but it was in May. It was still beautiful. Now a trip that is on my bucket List is to go to Cape May, N.J. during their Christmas celebration and tour all the Victorian homes!!
    Thanks for joining in on Christmas in July Fun!


  6. I want to do a post in the middle of the week showcasing the blogs that are participating in Christmas in July. So I am asking for permission to show a picture from something you posted for the celebration with a link back to your blog.Will that me okay?
    Let me know..


  7. We are so glad to be back in Virginia and top on our list of holiday happenings will be a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. We visited several times when we lived here 2003-2007, but never at Christmas. I can't wait!

  8. Mary,
    I added a link to your blog to my Christmas in July celebration on my Side Bar and a link to this post as one of the features in my post about my Summer Craft Room tree.
    Thanks for joining in...


  9. You have a nice collection of the Byers Choice Carolers. I think they're really nice but I never did buy any. We went to Williamsburg many many years ago for our honeymoon and it's such a beautiful place. It's like going back into another time! Happy Christmas in July.