Christmas Countdown!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Schedule for Rudy Day 2012

Rudy Day is celebrated by Christmas Lovers everywhere on the 25th day of each month throughout the year. Each month has a specific theme, although you can do whatever you would like to do. Please join us in the forums at to get in on the fun!

January - We looked at our Christmas notebooks and updated them, paying attention to what worked, what didn't work, what we would like to plan for this coming year. We also looked at our Christmas budget and took a realistic look at what we spent.

February -  We began our "Chistmas Letter" to friends and family members. We assembled a "Rudolph Day" tote bag, basket, or box with items we will need during the year to help celebrate Rudy day:  a calendar, our Christmas notebook, perhaps a photo book with pictures of our family in their Christmas outfits, some colorful pens to journal with, a Christmas mug for our cocoa or tea--or maybe even Christmas socks! We assessed how many and what kind of presents we wanted to hand make this year. We began assembling kits for each project, and created a schedule to complete these projects in a reasonable amount of time. We began our master gift list and plan to purchase at least 1 gift each month for someone on our list.

March - Books and Movie month. We inventoried our books and movies and made a list of any purchases we would like to make for the coming year. It's also fun to list your top 5 (or 10) to make sure that you view them each year.

April - is Christmas Dishes month. We looked over our Christmas dishes, noting what we would like to add to our dish inventory this year. We organized them all in one place. We checked out our linens--tablecloths, placemats, napkins, napkin rings--spot checked and laundered to make sure they are ready to go to work. We posted some fun pictures of table settings, and checked other websites for ideas for the upcoming year. We added our ideas to our Christmas notebooks. Consider the whole idea of "Christmas magic" and what role it should play (see for ideas re: stockings, elfs, etc.)

May - We will be looking at menu ideas for holiday meals and quick menu ideas for "meals on the run." We also are encouraged to begin trying recipes, keeping ones we particularly like in our Christmas notebooks. Or perhaps you'll want to develop your own Christmas cookbook or recipe box.

June -  Themes/Party Planning ideas and our Master Gift List. Perhaps you'll want a theme to your decorating that is different from previous years, i.e. gingerbread in the kitchen, or an all red and white tree in the foyer, etc. Sketch out or clip ideas from magazines or web sites.

July - We will purchase all stocking stuffers this month. If you plan to make your Christmas cards, now is the time to get all the papers, ribbons, envelopes, stamps and inks, etc. together and make those cards. Have a festive card making day with Christmas music playing in the background! Sign those cards and write short notes. Update your Christmas card address list and print the labels or envelopes out. Get your family photo taken to include in your card and have them printed. Go over that master gift list--have you purchased at least half of your gifts or more?

August - Time to finish up with the craft projects you have been working on.

September - Time to think about baking projects for November. List recipes you want to try--desserts, cookies, breads--and make a master grocery shopping list. Begin purchasing an extra staple or two each time you go to the grocery store. Consider any ornaments you need to purchase and/or want to make. Be on the lookout for these items to hit the store shelves. Buy early for the best selection.

October - Gift in a Jar or Basket month. Master gift list checkup. You should be about finished buying gifts now! Check your wrapping paper stash, tape, gift tags, colored pens. Resupply as necessary.

November - Purchase or unpack your advent calendar. Wrap gifts by Thanksgiving. The idea is to have December available to spend time with your family--not panicing over not getting things done!

December - Celebrate with your family and friends!

Don't forget to check for some more Christmas and Rudy Day fun! Till next time, holiday blessings to you and yours!